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The Totem Bag

Hani Totem Bag

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    To maintain the optimal condition of your Totem Bag, please follow these gentle care guidelines:

    CLEANING: The delicate brocade and embroidery are best preserved without washing. For the handwoven fabric, use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe the fabric sections. Avoid soaking or scrubbing.

    STORAGE: Store your bag in a cool, dry place when not in use.

    PROTECTION: To prevent damage to the beautiful embroidery and woven patterns, avoid contact with sharp objects.


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    Hani Totem Bag
    Hani Totem Bag
    Hani Totem Bag
    Hani Totem Bag
    • Handmade by Artisan

      Ancient Techniques

    • Recyclable Packaging


    Presented by HANI People

    #Ancient Ecologist

    The Hani people are an ethnic group in southern Yunnan. They are hardworking and passionate, known for their elaborate terraced fields.

    Hani agroecosystem has been a traditional practice for over 1300 years.

    The Brocade & worship of

    The Land & Nature

    Red and black are the favored colours for their attire, representing vitality and a connection to the land. The Hani people have a deep love for their land and consider it a precious treasure.


    Direct From the Master