001 before colouring

Selected natural dyes & Ancient recipes

Based on history, tradition and the constant testing of dyes, we select high quality dyeing materials and use recipes that have been passed down to us over generations.

002 Fabric colouring

Hand dyed by Artisans

As different materials and fabrics have different characteristics, we need to strictly monitor and control the dye concentration as well as the temperature and time of soaking during the colouring process for hours or days.

After that, each piece of fabric needs to undergo a series of processes such as multiple hand washing, natural drying and oxidation, etc., before moving on to the next stage.

003 Quality control

Only the finest dyed fabrics

To ensure the quality and consistency of our fabrics, when the dyeing process is complete, we inspect each piece of fabric to select qualified ones.

We record the exact dyeing date and finally assign a unique identification code to each piece.


004 Handcrafted with love

Handmade in Community Workshop

Our beautiful accessories are handmade with a passion for crafting. Everything from ironing, sewing to shaping is done by hand in our arts and crafts workshops.

In addition to making accessories and clothing, we also enjoy sharing our creative process , and improving our ancient handicraft techniques such as brocade weaving, embroidery, and French beadwork in our workshops.