Our story begins with a love for the rich tapestry of cultures and traditions around the world.

Inspired by the wisdom and artisanal skills of ethnic minorities, we ventured into remote villages, discovering sustainable crafts such as embroidery, garment making, natural dyeing, weaving, and silver crafting.


Handmade by Artisan

Each item is handmade by our dedicated artisans, who take pride in their work and want to share their creations with you.

We believe that the best products are those that are made by hand, using quality materials and ancient techniques.


Old Meets New

We bring the timeless beauty of traditional crafts and their stories to life in modern fashion. Each piece is a journey of heritage and innovation, crafted with love and sustainability in mind.

We believe in the power of exploration and cultural exchange. By embracing the world’s diversity, we find ourselves enriched and inspired.


Support Local Economy

We believe traditional craftsmanship has the ability to bring together people and create a stronger sense of community.

We provide training to bring vitality to the community and supporting the local economy by using local resources.