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The Totem Bag

Lahu Totem Bag - Handmade Brocade

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    Material: Handwoven Cotton Fabric
    11"L × 9.1"H (28 × 23cm),  Strap Length 46.5" (118cm)

    ***Please note that the natural dyes used in our handwoven and embroidered threads may slightly fade over time, particularly with exposure to sweat. We recommend pairing your bag with darker clothing to prevent any potential color transfer.


    To maintain the optimal condition of your Totem Bag, please follow these gentle care guidelines:

    CLEANING: The delicate brocade and embroidery are best preserved without washing. For the handwoven fabric, use a clean, damp cloth to gently wipe the fabric sections. Avoid soaking or scrubbing.

    STORAGE: Store your bag in a cool, dry place when not in use.

    PROTECTION: To prevent damage to the beautiful embroidery and woven patterns, avoid contact with sharp objects.


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    Lahu Totem Bag - Handmade Brocade
    Lahu Totem Bag - Handmade Brocade
    Lahu Totem Bag - Handmade Brocade
    Lahu Totem Bag - Handmade Brocade
    • Handmade by Artisan

      Ancient Techniques

    • Recyclable Packaging


    Presented by Lahu people

    #Messenger of Happiness

    The Lahu people are a ethnic group in southwest China. They Lahu people have a close connection with nature and consider it their home. They preserve the customs of hunting and gathering, as well as their unique music and dance.


    Direct From the Master